May. 13th, 2002

cieldumort: (Ankh)
You know, I really like this city in Texas I am now living in, perhaps permanently, but, I am getting so flustered by the storms all blowing up north of here. Southern Texas is sooo behind average on rainfall this season. I should have stayed in St. Louis last year. Missouri is getting more giant and powerful tornadoes and hail than usually occurs here. In fact, St. Louis proper is now deep under water from weeks of flooding thunderstorms! Arrgh.

Adding insult to injury, I was out chasing today, listening to a local radio station that plays an eclectic techno mix. On Sundays they toss in a lot of what my raver friend Gary once declared to be (in my car stereo) "some dark-ass trance." Yep. I love my "dark-ass trance." (No sick thoughts, please).

So I'm missing another chase day by a few hundred miles, but at least listening to something that sounds like Coil meets VAC remixed by the Borg. Ok. Half way into the show, it gets eaten up by some country-fried southern rock station. Man. Noooo. Alabama is NOT home sweet home! Arrrgghhh!

Oh well. *sigh* My friend is trying to convince me to move back to San Jose/Milpitas and rent an apt with him, working for the same co., just there. Tempting at this rate.

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