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Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:Texas, United States of America
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:w:, a different drum, abstract, aeon flux, amduscia, animal protection, animal rights, art, astral projection, astrophotography, auras, aurora borealis, avant-garde, barack obama, bloomberg, boundary layers, bsg, candles, chris matthews, climatology, cloud watching, cnbc, coronal mass ejections, cosmology, covenant, creosote bushes, crüxshadows, current events, de/vision, digital gunfire, discovery channels, dr. gaius baltar, dr. michio kaku, dream control, dry lines, earthquakes, economics, eliot spitzer, empathy, environmentalism, eon, epsilon minus, esp, ethereal, flatliners, foamy, forecast earth, fortune cookies, fox mulder, freaks and geeks, friends, geckos, geology, geomagnetic storms, ghost hunters, giving and receiving massages, global warming, goa trance, goose down, grand central station, gravity waves, halo, honesty, hot showers, icon of coil, incense, jean michel jarre, jeff corwin, jenn vix, journaling, june bugs, karma, learning, lightning, lucid dreaming, maté chai, meteor showers, meteorology, monsoons, moonlight, mp3s, museums, national geographic, nature, nebulae, neuroactive, old churches, only child, organics, parallel universes, paranormal, passion, politics, protecting the environment, qntal, questioning authority, questioning reality, recovery, red light challenge, reductio ad absurdum, robert anton wilson, sabino canyon, salvador dali, san pellegrino, sarcasm, schiller mit heppner, sci-fi, seti, severe storms research, skin, skywarn, sleeping, sobriety, solar, sonoran desert, spiders, spirituality, star wars, storm chasing, supercells, surrealism, sustainable living, sutter kane, syrian, tarot, tetsuya theodore fujita, the azoic, the gospel of thomas, the spice must flow, the weather channel, too big too fail, tornadoes, tortoises, union of concerned scientists, victory not vengeance, wildlife, wrought iron
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